Top Tips Before You Book

You want to come on safari…that’s great! But, before we start, here are the most important things for you to consider before booking a safari holiday.
The safari-planning trifecta! Consider them individually and decide on them clearly, as they are all interlinked.
Think about, and clearly decide on your DATES, your BUDGET and the GROUP…and then BOOK EARLY!

DATES: How many days do you have to travel and at what time of year?

When deciding on your dates of travel, flexibility is key. If your dates are fixed, we will work within that, but if you have a degree of flexibility there is a much better chance to secure the ideal itinerary for your safari.
We recommend the ideal safari length be between 10 – 16 nights, staying a minimum of 3 nights in an area or at each property.
The longer the safari the more you will be able to experience and explore, and potentially visit more than one country on the safari – which is great if you are coming a long way!
The shortest length of time for a safari (visiting one country only) would be 7 nights – although often a shorter stay can be quite tiring and rushed.

GROUP: How many guests are coming on the safari and who are they?

The sooner you can set and confirm the group who will be travelling, the better! Each individual’s age, interests and abilities, and the group size and dynamic will greatly affect the itinerary and the initial planning process.
Anticipate any issues – this will enable us to suggest and secure the very best possible destinations, accommodations and activities for the group.

BUDGET: What budget should you have in mind?

Safaris are expensive…but very worth it! Most governments and safari areas have adopted a high-demand low-volume tourism model, which means less impact on the wilderness areas, but still with enough financial benefit to contribute to the conservation and communities in the areas you visit.
Also, the remoteness of the wilderness areas you will visit, the distances you will cover, plus the conservation fees you will contribute to all affect the cost of a safari.
The ideal budget to have in mind for a safari is between $1000 – $2500 per person per day.
If you need to save rather than splurge, then remember:
It’s more affordable to travel in ‘green season’ (outside of high season).
The more flying you do, the pricier it will be (and driving, where possible, takes a huge amount of time).

Start early and book in advance!

In a world where truly wild places are diminishing, and where nature travel and experiences are becoming increasingly valuable and sought after, safari destinations are very limited and in high demand. This means finding availability can be tricky – especially in peak season times and for larger groups!
We highly recommend planning at least a year before you want to travel.

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