• Ideal for families
  • Incredibly diverse landscapes to explore
  • Well organized safari industry
    Consistently rated as the top safari destination in Africa
  • The Great Migration – a Natural Wonder of the World

This quintessential safari destination, home of the original ‘under canvas’ safari, should be at the top of your bucket list!

From the greatest natural spectacle on Earth – the Great Migration, to the last remaining monumental Big Tusker elephants, to some of Africa’s largest and healthiest populations of rare and iconic wildlife. From forgotten secret corners of pure untouched wilderness, to the famous Out of Africa landscapes the real Pride Rock from Disney’s Lion King.

From teeming savannah plains and rolling acacia-covered hills; mountains, alpine lakes and moorlands; tropical forests and waterfalls; semi-arid deserts and rocky outcrops to white sand beaches, mangrove islands and coral reefs…each alive and thriving with unique plant, bird and animal life!

From some of the planets only intact tribes, adorned in beads and feathers, the ancient custodians of the wilderness; to some of Africa’s most effective conservation projects and programs, pioneering and leading a new era of community conservation.

The natural diversity and cultural treasures of Kenya are truly exceptional.  The long-standing and renowned safari and conservation industry ensures a safari in Kenya is seamless and simply unforgettable. Kenya offers unrivalled wildlife and wilderness experiences, and is the definition of classic safari…where authenticity meets luxury, and where adventure and wild exploration meets a profound sense of coming home.

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