The Art Of Africa

Africa is known for her colour and creativity. From vibrant traditional Maasai beads, multi-coloured Ndebele homesteads and brightly flowered fields of the Namaqualand, to the softer earthly palettes of the Namib desert plains and subtle Serengeti grasses. From the vivid contrasts of the zebra’s stripes, to the camouflaged impala against dry thicket and hidden hippo like on rock on a river bank. From the skillful carving of Swahili door frames and the weaving of Lesotho straw hats, to the thrifty African way of making something out of virtually nothing. As the birthplace of humankind and modern consciousness, where people first learnt to express themselves and leave their mark on their surroundings, Africa continues to inspire.

Since the beginning of humankind, Africa and her uniqueness, natural beauty and creative spirit has been a playground and paradise for artists of all kinds. Be it painters, photographers, writers or innovators, the Mother continent has time and again been a muse and a revelation to imaginative minds. 

Nowadays it is the unwavering connection Mother Africa has with Mother Nature that interests many artistic and innovative thinkers – the way Africa is still in touch with natural cycles and ways of life, and her seeming resilience to modernity. The idea of disconnecting from life as we know it, in order to reconnect with nature and our true selves is the compelling pull towards a journey through Africa.

When on safari, wherever it may be – whether exploring ancient rock art or archeological sites or staring into endless vistas and landscapes of dreams; whether experiencing almost mythical creatures up close in their natural environment, or experiencing profound simplicity, serenity and seclusion – the journey of discovery only a safari offers is truly life enriching.

One cannot help but feel invigorated and inspired by the heart and the art of Africa… and there are always more ancient artistic and natural riches of Africa that remain unknown and undiscovered, still tucked away somewhere in the wilderness. 

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