The Big Wild Vision

Journey into the big wild…
Walk among giants.
Breathe in the faraway.
Rest in the repeated refrains of nature.
Roam lands of painted deserts and painted wolves,
The mythical and the monumental,
Reading rhythms and seeking signs and sounds
Under your feet and over your head.
Lost in a sea of golden grass or a cloud of red earth,
In an old dream, a shared memory, a grand eternal show.
Chasing the endless horizon, the great leveler,
Finding secret shapes so subtle only a tiny twitch to break the frame and
bring the form to life.
Some lithe, some armoured, some winged,
Sometimes patient, sometimes fleeting.
Becoming akin to each creature, every part a profound place
Realized in the hint of hiding amber eyes.
Awakened each day with sunrise anew, afresh,
You are grounded and unearthed,
Out of touch and in tune, attune,
As you discover the unfiltered adventure, wonder and delight of this big wild life.

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